Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PEAS - Down the Hatch!

Robbie did so well last week with his new meals of rice cereal and oatmeal, that I decided to introduce peas this week!  At first he was suspicious about what I was mixing into his beloved oatmeal, even giving me the stink eye when his sweet mush became soured with the veggie.  But by the 2nd meal of oatmeal and peas, he embraced it and expanded his taste buds!  Next up: Carrots. 

I think I'm starting to remember what we do when you put me in this chair with the crunchy bib...

Not loving the peas at first.

I suppose I could get used to them.

Daddy often wonders how much of it actually ends up in my tummy.

Dare I say enjoying the peas??

Ok, I forgive you for feeding me green vegetables.

And we know he's done when he blows raspberries, which is always lovely with a mouth full of mush.  Eating has become more and more of a social event for him, as he tries to communicate to me by making 'mmm' sounds, babbling between bites, and signaling that he's full.  He also knows that he's going to eat when I strap him into the chair and put his bib on, which amazes me!  He'll get his little fishy mouth going to get ready for the spoon... It's all so fun!


Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

those are great shots! I love all his facial expressions! trying new foods is always a fun adventure!

by Justin and Beth said...

so cute Ashley! thanks for sharing the cuteness :)

The Larsons said...

He is going to be so much bigger than Char the next time we are together. This is great news for Charlie, as she likes the "stong and protective" kind!

Love to you all.