Thursday, July 10, 2008

Playdate with the Fuhrman Twins!

Jen and I finally got together yesterday for a playdate with the babies.  We met at the very-kid-friendly Augustino's and spent maybe 2 or 3 hours together!  

The babies had lots to catch up on.  Amelia ("The Pixie") explained to Robbie that he can have 8 oz bottles instead of just 6 oz, if he's willing to give up one of his usual feeding times.  And Jackson ("J-bird") pointed out that it's cool to have a nickname that doesn't have the word 'meat' in it.  Robbie ("Meat Log" / "Meat Loaf" / "Meatball" / "Meat Stick") showed the twins how mommy can pull him up from laying down to sitting to standing while he holds his head up.  He also showed off one of his teethers and his size 3 diapers.  It was a very educational day for babies and mommies alike.

I am constantly amazed by Jen's ability to get out with the twins - she is the most graceful mommy and really has no idea.  You should have seen everyone in the restaurant look over at her as she waltzed through the doorway carrying 2 infant seats, looking super trim and all dressed up like she was never even pregnant!  She is a great friend and it's so wonderful to have women like her in my life - we get to figure out motherhood together as we go.

Robbie, Jackson and Amelia

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