Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Blaming the Bananas

WARNING: The following story contains graphic poop imagery and is not suitable for the faint hearted.

Today has been a great day - Robbie and I got up early, got our whole morning routine done in record time (bottle, nap, another bottle, bath, dress the baby, shower for me, get self ready...) and then left for a morning meeting at the office in Schaumburg to discuss the project I'll be helping with from home.  Since my 'babysitters' are on vacation this week, Robbie had to come with me.  I was wondering how he would do today in a 2 hour meeting, and as I suspected he did just fine.  Took a brief nap in my arms and the rest of the time was his usual charming self.   With an extra helping of slobber.

After walking around the office to see old friends and show them how big Robbie has gotten already, I headed home with a very tired baby.  After his afternoon bottle, I realized that it was 'time' to change his diaper (based on observed grunts, red cheeks and signature foul odor).

I'm not exactly sure how to describe what happened next...

Upon opening the diaper, I realized that Robbie had a little case of constipation again, which is typical after I feed him rice cereal (I try to balance it out with oatmeal).  For all the grunting and straining, only a small amount of thick peanut butter-like poop was produced.  I was feeling very sorry for him as I cleaned him up, and just as I was reaching for the clean diaper and planning a dinner of oatmeal and prunes, the unthinkable happened.

He pooped with such force - a liquidy poop - that it shot out onto my jeans, hands, the changing surface... it was everywhere.  I froze, not knowing where to start - I just stared at the mess. Then I realized I needed to work quickly instead of wait around for batch #2.   As the title of this post implies, I'm blaming the bananas he ate for dinner last night for this entire situation!

So I guess the lesson I learned is to beware of the days that seem to be going perfectly.  There is no such thing with a baby!


Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

AHhhhh!! Gross! But, don't worry...every baby comes with their own great poop story!=) haha! That's a good one though!=)

raymond said...

NICE!!! :)
Yeah, I've found that bananas stop up the system as well. I try to space them out as much as possible. I read that peaches and plums are good for keeping things moving too. They've been working for Tyler and he really likes them. Just my two cents! :)