Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recent "Firsts"

Robbie is growing up before our eyes this week!  Here are some of his new tricks:

- If something's funny to him, he now belly laughs and it trails off into a giggle at the end
- He watches us eat, and his gaze follows our fork from plate to mouth
- He grabs for things on the table or in our hands that are within reach if we hold him while we're eating
- He does 'crunches' - if he's laying down but propped up at all on a pillow, he pulls his head up and gets his shoulders off the ground in an effort to sit up
- He only allows us to cradle-hold him if we're feeding him a bottle
- He eats 8 oz bottles 
- He reaches for, grabs onto, and sucks on the silky edge of his blanket
- He rotates himself 90 degrees while laying in his crib or on his activity mat
- He is enthralled by and talks to the wooden bears that hang on his Baby Bjorn bouncy seat
- During tummy time, he is able to hold his head up and push his upper body off the ground with his forearms/elbows
- He figured out today that he can see me in the mirrors while we're driving in the car
- He is ticklish under his chin (discovered this evening while I was trying to wipe stinky milk out from between his chin rolls)
- He sucks on his index, middle and ring fingers (sometimes all at once, sometimes one at a time)
- He grabs onto his bottle with both hands, but is unable to hold it up by himself while feeding

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Christine said...

Ashley (and Rob),

As Brad and I were talking and looking at pictures yesterday I told him how much I miss Robbie!!! He is so sweet and I wish more than anything that I could hold him and kiss him and love on him! Thanks for sharing him with me last weekend!! You guys are the best.