Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who Knew Rice Cereal Was This Much Fun!

Ok, I have to preface this post:  the picture of Robbie making funny faces were more interesting than the ones (20-ish?!) where he is smiling and having a great time.  So don't think that I am torturing him with Rice Cereal!

Yesterday Robbie hit the 4 month mark, and after reading about 'how to know if your baby is ready for cereal', it was clear that Robbie fit the description:
- baby has doubled their birth weight or weighs over 14 lbs:  CHECK
- baby sits with support and has good head control:  CHECK
- baby continues to be hungry after 32 oz of formula in a day:  CHECK
He has also shown interest in what I am eating at mealtimes, and recently tried to grab my frozen yogurt.  So last night we gave him his first few bites of rice cereal, and he ate it like a pro.  You would have thought this baby came out of the womb eating cereal.  So I couldn't wait to get up this morning and give him more!  (...and take a few pictures...)

As soon as I put him in the high chair again, he started moving his mouth/tongue and pretend eating - he knew what was coming!  It was so cute.

First bite:  "I THINK I remember what this stuff is..."

Half way through: Looking a little dazed.  
And a lot like he's on a roller coaster and holding onto the harness for dear life.

"WOAH."  A little distracted (bothered!?) by the camera flash.

Oh this poor baby - he was cracking me up.  At this point I realized that naptime was going to follow closely behind the cereal experience.  He was totally glazed over!

Sweet face

Getting into it - and starting to really put away the cereal!

Having a good time

When can I have more!?

After breakfast, Robbie was feeling like a big boy, so as we got ready for bath time he asked if I could please use the bath sponge instead of his baby bath tub.  (I know, he's very advanced.)  I thought it was a good idea, so he laid down in the bath - all 1 1/2 inches of water! - on his little teddy bear sponge and kicked at the water like a mad man the whole time.  It was great, until he spit up a little formula/cereal AND peed in his bath water both at the same time.  It was a big morning and he wore himself out, barely getting his diaper and clothes on before falling asleep for a long morning nap. 

For all of the mothers out there, when did you start Stage 1 jars?  From what I've read, I'm thinking I'll give it a week or two of just cereal... maybe longer?  Then introduce flavors, maybe mixing in a little Stage 1 fruit with the cereal?  (I do know about waiting 3-5 days before introducing each item for allergies.)  Let me know what worked for you!


vanrossum said...

What a little cutie eating his rice cereal! For what it is worth...I fed my kids rice cereal for a few weeks (maybe 2 or 3) and then started them on fruit and veggies (alternating). I mixed the fruit with cereal too. Once they had tried everything, I think I did fruit/cereal in the morning and veggies in the evening. Funny how quickly you forget!

raymond said...

Oh, wow! I can't believe Robbie is eating rice cereal already AND splashing around in the tub -- all in the same day! He IS advanced! :) This is great Ashley! I know how excited you were to start feeding Robbie solid foods -- looks like you guys are having a blast! I've really been enjoying it with Tyler, too. We're always trying new foods. Can't wait to start the Stage 2 foods this week! As far as your questions go, here's what our doctor told us (and what we did)...she said to start with rice cereal, then do oatmeal, then do vegetables (start with the green, then do orange), and then do fruit. She said we should do each food for two days to make sure there were no allergies. Once he was okay with all foods then we could mix things up. She said he should then be eating cereal, and one fruit and one vegetable a day. So, our routine now is pretty much cereal or oatmeal with breast milk and a fruit mixed in for breakfast (it's kind of like a smoothie -- he loves it), and then a vegetable (sometimes with a fruit mixed in) around lunch time and then milk the rest of the day. It fluctuates though -- sometimes he eats more in a day and at different times but that't pretty much the routine. Hope that helps! - Jen