Thursday, April 14, 2011

Better days ahead

No pictures to post of the last few days... good thing I've learned to not expect much out of our days because we have been hanging out at home a lot. Ellie got her first bloody lip courtesy of a wrestling match with Robbie, which I repeatedly tried to break up. And yesterday I woke up with a cold - achy everywhere and swollen glands/sore throat - and Ellie woke up with croup. Not fun in general, but worse with a newborn in the house who is so vulnerable to illness. I'm glad we had just purchased the movie "Tangled" and set it aside for a rainy day... we have watched it enough already for me to know the words to all the cute songs.

But we have a really fun weekend to look forward to - Grammy and Papa are flying in from New Jersey! So it's chicken soup and lots of rest today and tomorrow and I'm sure we'll be good as new by the time they get here.

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