Monday, April 18, 2011

Grammy and Papa meet Madeline

This past weekend we enjoyed a visit from Rob's parents who live in New Jersey. They came out to meet Madeline, and I thought it was funny that just like their visit to meet Robbie 3 years ago for the first time, they arrived in town to find their newest grandchild back in the hospital at exactly 2 1/2 weeks old! (We are nothing if not consistent.) We always enjoy our time together although it's not as frequent as any of us would like. It is getting harder to take as many pictures as I want to but here's what I was able to capture (although not particularly well - I think I need to go to a photography workshop or have my camera serviced, because the quality of my pictures is rapidly declining! I'd like to blame the camera...).

Saturday morning brunch with the Easter Bunny at Egg'lectic!
Although they were unprepared as a restaurant for the turnout they received for their first event like this, we still enjoyed ourselves. And guess who loves the Easter Bunny, apparently? (I love the faces of the women in the background!)

She could not take her eyes off of him, and although tentative at first, Ellie enjoyed a few snuggles throughout the morning from "Bunny!". It's safe to say she was his biggest fan.

I love this one (below)! The Easter Bunny was giving out high fives and Grammy is loving it while Papa captures it all on his camera in the background. Robbie has never been a big fan of larger-than-life characters / people in costume, but he ventured over for a few high fives and even wished the bunny a happy Easter. What a sport.

Little man is growing up - he sometimes asks if we can eat at a restaurant together on the weekends, and upon arriving he always announces that he wants to sit in a booth. We were forced to let him this time as they were out of high chairs, and we were impressed for the most part with his behavior and ability to sit still. Also a part of his eating-out-routine? Casting aside the kids menu and requesting the adult version, then settling in to 'read' it like everyone else. Sometimes he makes me laugh, little Robbie with his old soul. He gets it honest from us.

Trying to satisfy her hunger pangs with whatever was available prior to our meal arriving. We went through saltines, a granola bar from Grammy's purse, and finally Ellie begged for a lemon slice. Clearly not a fan, but she learned how to properly attribute something to be "sour!".

We spent a good amount of time this weekend just playing and resting at the house. I love what few images I was able to capture of Grammy and Papa holding and getting to know Madeline.

On Saturday night I put together a little birthday dinner for Rob to enjoy while his parents were here with us, and of course we had the Flour Barrel's famous white cake with fresh strawberry filling for dessert. We enjoyed our meal after the kids went to bed, and it was fun to hear about how Rob's parents had planned (and didn't plan!) each of the pregnancies with their 4 kids. We laughed so hard. I love learning things like that about my family (both sides) - there is so much history and stories to be told and never enough time to unearth it all. But that evening's conversation will always be a wonderful memory for me. I wish we had the chance to sit around the table and talk like that more often.

On Sunday we all went to church together and met up with my parents and sister there. We had lunch afterwards at Macaroni Grill. I must have been feeling like super mom or something, but we pulled it off, in spite of the fact that Madeline needed to nurse at all the wrong times (when I needed to be in the shower, the minute we walked into church, just as we sat down for lunch). But it was so worth it - growing up, I always remember both sets of grandparents being around for birthdays and holidays, often together. And now I love it when my parents and Rob's parents have the chance to spend a little time together with us as well.

After lunch and before naps we decided to try and get a new picture of Grammy and Papa with the Livingston kids. The key to a good group picture is timing, and I get an F for planning here. But I still love what we did get - this phase of life is far from being a photogenic one for the kids!

After dancing, singing, and finally bribing them to sit and smile with the promise of candy, we gave up. This is my favorite outtake, the last shot from our wonderful weekend together...

We love you, Grammy and Papa. You are so important to us and we miss you already!


Rebekah Wallace said...

love the new family pic Ashley!!

The Larsons said...

Love grandparents! Aren't we blessed by such beautiful examples and adoring grandparents?!

Love you Super Mama.

MP said...

Ahh what fun!!!