Monday, April 25, 2011

Madeline takes the plunge

My precious, fresh from God newborn baby smelled a little ripe when I nuzzled her head on Sunday morning. I guess 3 weeks without a bath will do that. So I decided that it was time to stop talking about giving her a first bath and actually get down to business. We put the older two in the tub with bubbles and toys, and I filled the sink while Rob grabbed the camera.

Madeline's first (sink) bath...

She continues to be a dream baby - not a single cry or squeal the entire time!

(Excuse the Christmas decals on the walls and mirror. Robbie and Ellie are quite attached.)

Thanks to Mima, Madeline stayed warm with her little ducky towel overlay thing!

Still looking tiny, even in the small sink.

I thought these little milestones would find me less sentimental the third time around.
But the complete opposite is true - all of these little firsts are going to fly by and I just want to slow time down and enjoy every moment!

Ignore my kinky post-Sunday-nap hair.

Fresh and clean, swaddled and ready for bed.

Baby girl found her thumb! Although the jury is still out - today she sucked on a pacifier for a while. I can't tell which she will prefer yet.

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Jennifer said...

She is so tiny! I just love her! So cute! :)