Friday, April 1, 2011

Random assortment of facts

Madeline's name is pronounced "mad-uh-lynn".

Rob has been the one to ultimately come up with the names we selected for each of our children.

Each of my stays in the Mother Baby unit at CDH leave me with an addiction to ginger ale and a craving for their breakfast cinnamon buns long after I've gone home.

Madeline's head is so small, even infant sized headbands won't stay on yet! (You know I am trying every day.) She is swimming in her newborn sleepers and we have to fold her newborn diapers down because even they are still a little too big! Pea-NUT.

In the last 2 months, my mom has cared for 4 family members who have been in the hospital or had major health needs (me, my sister, my dad and my grandmother).

Madeline's eyebrows and eyelashes are so blonde they are nearly invisible. It's hard to tell, but her hair is a dark blonde/strawberry blonde color, which surprised me since Robbie and Ellie both started out with very dark hair.

Both Rob and I have confessed that it takes everything in us not to call Maddie "Ellie" all the time!

My mom, Dad and sister were all able to be in the delivery room moments after Maddie was born while we rested and recovered, and I never thought that was going to be possible. My sister was actually with us during the birth and took all the amazing pictures of Maddie's first hour of life.

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