Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg hunt

Saturday morning, the kids woke up to bunny paw prints in the hallway leading from their bedrooms to the stairs (thanks for the creative idea, Amy!). The Easter Bunny had visited our house and laid eggs, mostly in plain sight. Next year the Easter Bunny will be smarter about what goes inside the eggs - more Cheerios, less (and by less, I mean ZERO) sour patch kids and smarties, or other things children should not be eating before breakfast. Lesson learned.

The kids both loved hunting for eggs, although Robbie was quicker and grasped the concept of getting as many eggs into his basket as possible, while Ellie would find one and play with it for 10 minutes.

After all the eggs were found, cracked open, and the kids' begging to eat their weight in sugar subsided, I turned on Charlie Brown's Easter episode. Does any holiday feel complete without watching Charlie Brown? I sort of feel like the answer is no. I love nostalgia.

Ellie asked to "Hold it!?" (referring to Maddie) and I love to say yes.
I was happy to get this first picture of the 3 kids, although maybe one day I'll get one of them all with smiles and clothes on!? Probably wishful thinking.

Right after I snapped this picture quickly (I'm learning!), she pulled her arm out from behind Maddie and said "All done!".

A closer look - you know, because the screen is so small.

After that, it was upstairs for baskets and family breakfast - pancakes and eggs.

I don't want to forget this sweet memory: when I put Robbie in his crib on Friday night and asked him if he remembered what I had already told him we would be doing the next morning, he said no. I reminded him that Daddy doesn't go to work on Saturdays, and that the Easter Bunny was going to hide eggs for all of us to find that morning. He looked up at me, as if this wasn't a huge deal, and smiled and said "Yeah... and FAMILY BREAKFAST tomorrow morning!". It totally melted my heart - family breakfast was a bigger deal to him than the Easter Bunny coming.

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