Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

We went to church on Sunday morning and sat with my family - I'm glad we all go to the same church! Well, I nursed Maddie in the cry room for all but the last 7 minutes of the service (little stinker!), but thankfully they have a live feed in there so I didn't have to miss the worship or message. It was so good.

I thought we were doing well, to have dressed all the kids and made it to church before the service started! Sadly, I didn't get a single picture of Madeline in her sweet dress all day - she fell asleep before we left the church building and didn't wake up until late afternoon. And although Ellie spent the majority of the holiday naked, this first picture is evidence that I did in fact put her in clothes for Easter Sunday.

After church we went to my parents' house for lunch, and they had made a delicious meal and had eggs to hide and baskets for the kids to find. My mom had made a great carrot cake (I'm not typically a fan but this was GOOD!), and the kids were sufficiently sugared up by the time we left.

My mom brought grandma Jessie out to the house for the afternoon!

Watering the seeds my mom planted with them last week.

Then they thought they should use the fans from their baskets to dry what they had just watered. Robbie ended up entertaining grandma Jessie with his fan by blowing it right in her face. She is such a sport, and played along.

Waiting patiently for grandpa to open her egg (she took all of them to him, knowing he'd open them and let her eat their contents every time!). LOVE the hands behind her back as she patiently waits for her "smar-nees!" (Smarties).

Trying out her new bath towel. This one makes my heart melt!

As always, Aunt Kels entertained and listened to the kids endlessly. They love her so much!

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