Monday, April 25, 2011

Madeline meets her great grandma Jessie

Last week we took our circus act to the nursing home. It was already a little hectic there - it was a stormy day, the power had gone out that morning in the building, the back door alarm was still ringing (think high pitched constant "Eeeeee!" sound that makes dogs cringe), and the lights were literally flickering on and off in the main room the whole time we were there!

I like to pick moments like this so that my own chaos is more discreet. ;)

My mom went ahead to make sure Jessie was ready for our visit, and my sister rode over in the van with us to help me get the kids quickly and safely inside. I have learned that I cannot take all 3 kids there by myself - it took all 3 of us adults to manage them in that environment.

It was such a memorable visit... my grandmother Jessie had yet to meet Madeline, and I wanted her to see the baby as soon as possible.

This is how happy she was the moment I laid Maddie in her arms!

So sweet... she just gazed down at her for a very long time, and was not eager to let her go!

All of my kids have loved being held by their great grandmother Jessie! She has a very calming effect on them.

Maddie woke up after a while and wanted to say hi.

I asked her if her arms were getting tired, and I think she lied when she told me 'No!' :) I couldn't blame her - don't we all love holding newborns!?

This sweet employee (below) asked me discretely if the kids could have a cookie while we were there, and even though we had brought donut holes with us to keep Robbie and Ellie entertained during the visit, I couldn't say no to her kindness. Mind you, it was about 10am.

She came back over with a plate of 3 cookies FOR EACH CHILD! It was right around then that I decided I had lost control of the day. Balanced diets? Out the window. I let them each eat one, and then I figured out a way to get the rest away from them.

They were pretty mad at me, until the resident dog Willie came wandering through.
Willie is Ellie's best bud. Ellie LOVES Willie. Willie tolerates Ellie. Ellie follows (chases?!) Willie all over until he retreats to the back room. We may get kicked out of the nursing home one day simply because Willie cannot withstand this much "love and attention".

Oh goodness. Will someone get these 2 a puppy already?

A few last pictures of our time together...
I love my grandma Jessie and I'm so glad she has had the opportunity to meet all 3 of my babies!

Comical attempt at a group picture.
This is about right...

Maddie, thank you for being an angel baby the first time you met your great grandmother Jessie. It was so special, and these pictures will always be a reminder to you of how loved you are by her!

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Jennifer said...

Such great pictures! What wonderful memories -- for all of you! So glad your Grandma Jesse is close by now and that you guys get to see her so often.